When We Are Closed

outofhours2When the practice is closed medical care is provided by Jersey Doctors On Call (JDOC). JDOC is based in the hospital and staffed by local GPs, who take it in turn to provide medical cover for all the practices in Jersey.

JDOC appointments can be made by calling 445445. Please note this is an appointment and home visit service only

If you are seen by JDOC, medical notes from your consultation will be communicated back to your usual GP, to ensure your doctor is kept up to date.

Your invoice for the consultation will be sent to you from Lido Medical Practice and we re-imburse the JDOC doctor.

Current Prices for Out of Hours Consultations for Jersey Residents are shown below:


Base Visit (at the Hospital up to 11pm only)£64
Home Visit (8am – 11pm)£127
Night Home Visit (11pm - 8am)£157
Telephone advice£20
The same fees apply to children and adults

If you do not have a Jersey Health Card then add £20.00 to the prices shown above

HMA patients will have their consultation costs paid by the Social Security Department

For the States of Jersey information on out of hours doctors please click this link